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"Advising Authors, Publishers, Experts, Speakers, & Internet Marketers On Choosing The Right Legal Protections For Their Creative Works, Intellectual Property and Businesses."

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If you do business on the Internet then you must have certain legal forms displayed on your Web site. Use the only legal forms trusted by the Internet's most successful marketers.

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Bob is Internationally known as one of the world's most respected authorities on Internet marketing law. He is an Attorney, Consultant, Speaker, Author and Adjunct Professor teaching Business, E-commerce, Intellectual property and Internet law at a major university. His clients include best selling authors, high-paid speakers, the Internet's most successful marketers and up-and-coming business owners. 

Bob is Legal Counsel to the Internet Superstars. His Internet marketing clients read like a who's who of Internet marketing, and include individuals generating millions of dollars annually on the Net. 

Some of his most successful clients are names you wouldn't even recognize.  Those clients are what Bob calls his "Shadow Marketers ™."  

Those  "Shadow Marketers ™ " don't want their names known and you will never hear about them.  When it comes to generating money on the Internet, this elite group leaves some of the most successful, recognizable marketing stars in the dust.  One Internet client alone generates 1.4 million dollars a month. 

Bob created the law firm of D. Robert Silber, P.A., which continues to advise and protect authors, publishers, experts, speakers and Internet marketers and their creative works, intellectual property and businesses. During his 29 year legal career, he has mastered the little known laws, which protect information product creators from running afoul of government laws and incurring civil & criminal penalties. You can visit Attorney Bob Silber's  legal Web site for legal services by clicking here.

Some of his books, audio programs and courses include:

  • What You Must Know About Copyrights To Protect Your Intellectual Property
  • How To Protect Your Creative Works With Trademarks 
  • How To Use The Legal Loopholes Of Disclaimers & Warranties For Your Creative Works 
  • How To Avoid Civil & Criminal Penalties For Illegal Pricing Of Your Creative Works
  • How To Do Business On The Internet While Keeping The Government Off Your Back 
  • 4 Things You Must Have On Your Web Site To Avoid Legal Problems & Law Suits

He received his Doctorate degree from Nova Southeastern University Law School. A trial lawyer practicing in all State and Federal Courts, he accepts a few select legal cases, preferring to devote most of his time to his speaking, consulting and Internet projects. 

An Internet marketer himself, he has enjoyed promoting his Web businesses on the Internet for the past eight years and publishes the "Bob Silber Letter" at with over 100,000 subscribers. During that time he has developed and marketed more than a dozen successful informational products on the Internet. 

Bob is an in demand speaker at all the major Internet marketing seminars and events and delivers an interesting, informative and inspiring program that reveals the surprising and little-known laws for doing business on the Net, ranging from the Federal Trade Commission’s Internet rules everyone with a Web site must know, to creating a fortress of protection around your creative works.  Bob will give you the step-by-step action plan (and the actual case studies and words) you need to become legally compliant and how to protect your intellectual property now.  Participants have stated that his presentations were worth the price of the seminars alone.

Bob has been an invited, featured speaker at the Internet Marketing Super Conference in Las Vegas, How To Get Rich On The Internet Conference, The Big Seminar, Best Seller Publishing Conference, Mega Seminar, Jeff Johnson's $25,000 Coaching Club, JValert Live and the Multi-Million Dollar Joint Venture Summit of the Century, as well as other International events. 

Bob is the host of the popular Internet Wealth & Success Seminar, at  held at Hawk's Cay in the Florida Keys, where the world's top Internet marketers go to brainstorm and exchange their newest ideas with participants and the other speakers. 


Don't Let Thieves Steal Your Work
The Importance Of Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Here is Bob with Frank Sinatra. Frank learned the importance of protecting his intellectual property early. 

In the beginning of his career Frank found himself in a contract with the Tommy Dorsey band that he wished he didn't sign.  

It is important not to be stuck with the costly mistakes we can make with our intellectual property, either by entering into contracts or other agreements without the advice of an intellectual property attorney well versed in the field, or by having others steal your work, because you didn't have the proper protections in place.

Eventually Frank was able to resolve his mistake, at an exorbitant price and went on to become a legend in the industry, with friends in the highest places, including Presidents Kennedy, Nixon and Reagan.    Click Here To Enlarge Image


WARNING! Violating Government Internet Rules & Laws Puts You In Harm's Way!

Doing Business Illegally On The Net Can Ruin You,  Destroy Your Family Assets, Bring Astronomical Fines & Criminal Prosecution!

Use "The Internet Marketing Law Products Cyber Law Series," To Comply With The Little Known Laws, That Will Keep The Government Off Your Back & Save You Money

If You Are A Small One Person Operation Or A Big Company, It Just Doesn't Matter - These Are Laws You Need To Know & Comply With.  Learn  What The Federal Trade Commission Looks For On Your Web Site when they are surfing the Web or get a complaint. 


"Bob Silber is the world's pre-eminent expert on Internet Marketing Law."

Mark Joyner
 #1 Best-Selling Author of "The Great Formula"


"Thanks to Bob Silber I saved myself (and a super well-known marketer) a ton of money and a potential big-time liability. Bob showed me how this resale rights agreement I was about to enter in would be a very, very bad decision. 

Remember, ignorance of the law is no excuse. The Internet may be like the 'Wild, Wild West' but you still need to know how to navigate the legal quagmire waiting for you online -- and that's exactly what Bob can help you with!"

Yanik Silver
Best-selling author, "33 Days to Online Profits"


Various Government & Law Enforcement Agencies surf the Web looking for violators of the many laws that apply to doing business on the Internet.  

This occurs without these agencies receiving complaints from dissatisfied customers.  A consumer complaint just expedites the time they will get to you. This letter involved advertising claims, just one of the many laws, you need to know and comply with.

  Actual Excerpts From Recent FTC Letter To Web Owner





"Deceptive Advertising Claims Are Unlawful Under the Federal Trade Commission Act"

"The FTC staff has reviewed promotional material from your Web site."

"FTC investigators have copied and preserved the pages of your online promotional materials ..."

"Possible Violations Under Other Federal and State Statutes"

"Unfair or deceptive acts or practices are also unlawful under various state statutes. The standards under these statutes may be different from those of the FTC’s. We have alerted your local Attorney General ... regarding the claims made on your site."


Has A Customer Ever Requested A Refund?

It only takes one unhappy customer to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, the Internet's policing authority, and bring them to your Web site. Or, you could be one of the Web sites that they visit today, on their own, without a complaint.

Be Smart!  Know what the Federal Trade Commission looks for on your Web site when they are surfing the Web or get a complaint.   Guess What?  Telling the Judge or the Government you didn't know about that law just won't cut it.  Find out why the FTC fined 2 Web sites $100,000 & $80,000 for this simple mistake, every Web business can make.

  Be Protected Or Continue Gambling By Risking Severe Criminal and Civil Liability.   The Choice Is Yours.

If you have an Internet business you need to know the laws that apply to e-commerce and how to protect yourself from catastrophic legal liability.  You need to learn the cyber traps and avoid the mistakes that carry severe civil and criminal penalties.  What you don't know can and will hurt you.  

Question:  What Do The Following Web Sites Have In Common?

Mrs. Fields Cookies
Hershey’s Chocolate
Instant Internet Empires

Answer:  They All Thought They Ran a Legitimate Internet Business 

Mrs. Fields Cookies was fined $100,000 by the FTC for not having the proper privacy policy in place on their Web site.  Hershey’s Chocolate was fined $80,000 by the FTC for not having the proper privacy policy in place on their Web site.  The owner of Instant Internet Empires, who sold an e-book with resale rights, had all his business and personal assets seized.  

If You Market A Product Or Service Anywhere, On Or Off The Internet, The FTC Laws Apply To You

The Federal Trade Commission Has Super Powers In Obtaining Compliance Including Fines Lawsuits, Civil & Criminal Actions, Asset Seizures, Both Personal & Business ... Follow The Law Or Suffer The Consequences


The Recent FTC Court Order Seizing The Personal & Business Assets
Of The Web Site Owner For Instant Internet Empires Read In Part

Any interest in, right to, or claim to, any real estate or personal property, of the defendant, or held for the defendant,

Including but not limited to, goods, instruments, equipment, fixtures,
intangibles, inventory, checks, notes, chattels, leaseholds, contracts, 
mail or other deliveries, stock, consumer lists, accounts, credits, receivables, and cash, wherever located, in or outside the U.S.. 

[ The Defendant Was Also Prohibited From ... ]

Disposing of or concealing anything owned anywhere. Opening or causing to be opened any safe deposit box, with assets held for defendant

Incurring charges or cash advances by credit card or in any other manner. Obtaining a personal or secured loan Incurring liens on any property anywhere.


"Bob Silber has already saved me from a couple bad
mistakes. There's nothing worse than putting money
into something and then finding out 'later' that you
have to change it all.

If you wouldn't go to a gun fight without a gun, don't
start a web site without Bob Silber."

Allen Says


Learn from the "How To Do Business On The Internet While Keeping The Government Off Your Back" cyber law series.

  Learn the mistakes to avoid that carry civil & criminal penalties.

  Know what the FTC looks for on your Web site.

  Learn 3 things you must add to your Web site today.

  Learn the legalities of using testimonials.

  Learn how to set prices for your products and services legally and avoid severe criminal & civil price fixing laws.



"Let me tell you -- I don't make a legal move online without looking to Bob Silber. Bob's expert advice saved me from certain legal liability several months ago -- and on a separate occasion he gave me insight to help keep me and my entire network of clients LITERALLY in business. 

I know, without a second's hesitation, where I will turn for continued internet legal consultation, advice and up-to-the-minute information...and that's Bob Silber."

Jimmy D. Brown
Best-selling author


"When I returned from the Internet Marketing Super Conference IV, where I had heard Bob Silber speak, I had a letter from the FTC waiting for me.  

The FTC had reviewed my alternative health website and found areas of non-compliance with their regulations.  They threatened to fine me $11,000 per infraction and jail time, not to speak of shutting down my site, if I didn't comply.

 Interestingly enough, they didn't mention any specific phrase or sentence that was out-of-compliance.  They expected me to figure that out. I called Bob and talked to him about it.  His advice was a big help."

Rufina James



"Bob, you do a great service to anyone with an Internet business.  Overall, your presentation offered us the most valuable information, about how to protect, what we have worked so hard to build.  We look forward to working with you."

Jonathan Mizel


"Thanks for an incredibly insightful and useful presentation.  I did not realize the degree of exposure my business had.  I also didn't realize that so many different laws applied to an on-line business.  After fixing several glaring problems that you pointed out, my business is much more secure and in compliance with applicable regulations."

Willie Crawford


"As a copywriter, I truly understand the importance of being careful with everything you say, especially online. I recently had a case where I needed some direction with a client. Well, thank goodness for Bob Silber! 

He's a fountain of knowledge I would certainly never hesitate to tap into when I need legal help. If you have a website of any kind, you need Bob Silber ... Now! One single sentence could potentially jail you -- or bankrupt you. So I urge you to listen to what he has to say." 

Michael Fortin
Salesletter Copywriter and Consultant


"Bob is a "brilliant" lawyer that knows his stuff -- and because he's also a marketer he knows exactly how to apply legal protection to projects, products and websites... 

I've consulted with Bob several times over questions on projects or situations and he has always given me timely, headache saving advice. Marketing on and off the net is fraught with legal situations that many of us aren't aware of... Bob will give you the scoop on how to protect yourself and keep the "sharks" away."

Tony Blake


Internet marketers from around the world pay thousands of dollars to attend the Internet Marketing Super Conference, hosted each year in Las Vegas by Carl Galletti.  Here is what Carl had to say about Bob Silber.


"This is not just to the attendees, but everyone at the  conference, including speakers and staff. ... If you miss a word of his presentation, you are a damn fool.  It's one of the most important things you are going to get at the seminar.  In fact, going to his presentation, is worth the entire price of the <Internet Marketing Super Conference> seminar." 

Carl Galletti, Organizer


Click Here To Hear Carl's Comments In MP3 Audio


"The Internet law information you provided at the Big Seminar really opened my eyes! Thank you for helping me understand complex legal requirements quickly and easily. I immediately added your information to my Website and books. What an extraordinary resource you are! Thank you."

Pat Wyman, M.A.
Best Selling Author


After 2 Days Of Seminar Speakers This Reviewer Said:

"Bob is known as THE expert on cyber law. He showed that in his presentation.

You know a speaker is hot when they only get ¼ through their presentation and spend the other ¾ answering attendee questions. This is exactly what happened.

His speech on cyber law had me wanting to run out and review each one of my websites sales copy immediately for FTC compliance!

Bob was very well prepared, comfortable, and knew his subject matter inside and out. He was very accommodating with the crowd and was a plain pleasure to listen to.

I enjoyed several of the speakers, but have to rate his as the best."

   10 out of 10

Keith Baxter
Reviewer of Marketing Related Products & Seminars

Internet Marketing Law Cyber Law Series

How To Do Business On The Internet
While Keeping The Government Off Your Back

"A Crash Course In Surviving Legally When Doing Business On The Internet"

In this seminar Bob Silber speaks on Cyberlaw and how the current laws effect everyone doing business on the Internet. There are endless legal pitfalls, both civil and criminal, that every Internet entrepreneur needs to be aware of.  New Internet laws and how the courts interpret them impact every Net business.  With this series you will learn exactly how to legal proof your Web Business.  Topics include Web Site Federal Trade Commission laws, Intellectual Property, Trademarks, Copyrights and Internet laws, including 3 things you need to add to your Web site today, to protect yourself legally, no matter what your Internet business is. 

Recorded live in Las Vegas, Nevada, at a Best Seller Publishing Seminar, this 3 DVD package allows you to watch the presentation at your leisure, as many times as you like.  Requires a home or computer DVD player. Approximately 3 hours. 

This is a seminar presentation, of what you need to know when doing business on the Internet, NOT legal forms or documents.

Total Value of This Package is $1497.00 (based on 3 hours of consulting) - Today Only $497

Here Is My Personal No Risk Guarantee & Promise For This Package of 3 DVD's 

Try the "Crash Course In Surviving Legally When Doing Business On The Internet " cyber law series for 30 days.  Put it to the test.  Use it.  If at anytime during those 30 days you feel that this DVD set isn't worth everything you paid, then simply return it, to my address below, for a full refund, less shipping costs.

Order Today only $497 shipping and handling included.


Sorry DVD's Temporarily Out Of Stock

For My Web Site Legal Forms Click Below


For My Web Site Legal Forms Click Below

If you do business on the Internet then you must have certain legal forms displayed on your Web site. Use the only legal forms trusted by the Internet's most successful marketers.

Click Here for the legal forms used by the top marketers

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